about us


reality pictures ltd. was started back in 1986. So much has changed -- from the way images are captured -- to the way their experienced. Small screens have gotten smaller smaller smaller and big screens have gotten bigger bigger bigger. And we don’t only watch them, we also touch them.

reality pictures ltd understands this. We were there as the changes were happening. We adapted. We EVOLVED.

Why? Creative curiosity! That’s how we’ve managed to operate within so many various platforms from producing brand films, to national spots to interactive out of home experiences. Although we use the latest tools that’s not the reason we’re still here when so many are not. We understand that when all that goes away, when the screens and phones are off, when the noise is turned down --it’s about our people, our work and the results we’ve delivered to our clients.

And the evolution continues…

We’ve gone beyond just video production and interactive experiences. Clients now need web design and development, they need animation and graphic design. But, above all they need continuity. They need a one-stop shop. We’ve expanded our digital media capabilities allowing us to have more options for our clients. More solutions. More ways to deliver results.

reality pictures, evolving since 1986.